Terms of Use

Welcome to the Terms of Use of the GYA-WiS mentoring platform.

Thank you for using our platform for distance mentoring ("platform"). This platform will be provided by the GYA-WiS Mentoring workgroup (Global Young Academy - Women in Science Mentoring workgroup). By using our Services, you are agreeing to these terms. Read them carefully.

    • The platform may be updated, added, removed or changed in their functionality at any time without notice;
      • We try to keep the platform online for as long as possible, but due to the nature of the web, this may not always happen;
      • We may suspend or stop platform access if you breach our terms, or if we are investigating cases of suspected misconduct;
      • We reserve the right to reproduce and publish photos or excerpts from the pages created in our platform, at any time;
      • We are not liable for any damages allegedly arising from the use of the platform;
      • We reserve the right to stop the access if any term is violated;
      • All information posted by a user becomes part of the platform and can be maintained for access by other users, even after the closure of this user's account;
      • We are not responsible for the opinions and comments of the owners, users or visitors. The content of each video, text, image, audio or comment is the sole and exclusive civil and criminal liability of the author of the message, and does not necessarily reflect the workgroup's point of view, ideas or philosophy;
      • You agree not to use this platform in a way that would harm someone;
      • Do not abuse the platform. The use of the platform should only be done through the interface purposely exposed to you as user, who should not access it through other ways;
      • We are not responsible for your actions as a platform user;
      • If more than one of the exposed rules is broken or illegalities are verified, the content will be deleted and the user will have their access canceled;
      • The use of our platform does not give you ownership over intellectual property rights over our Services or the content you access. You may not use content from our platform unless you obtain permission from the owner of such content or do so by any means permitted by law. These terms do not give you the right to use any marks or logos used in our platform;
      • At any time you can close your account and end access to the platform;
      • The platform provided here are for individual use, limited time and non-transferable. Copying, reselling or creating other products on top of ours is forbidden without prior authorization. The use of the platform for any of these purposes gives us the right to cancel the use by the user, without prejudice to applicable legal processes;
      • The information contained in the messages is not checked or otherwise endorsed by the GYA-WiS mentoring workgroup;
      • We reserve the right at any time and in its sole discretion to remove any message that may be interpreted contrary to these Terms of Use or to the applicable legal regulations;
      • We do not under any circumstances undertake to maintain any type of backup of the content published by the user in the service;
  • • The GYA-WiS MENTORING PLATFORM only allows files related to Internet pages normally viewed by a browser (eg htm, html, txt, gif, jpg, jpeg, png, js, pdf, swf, ico, css, and xml).
    • • The GYA-WIS MENTORING PLATFORM reserves the right to modify the above rules at any time in its sole discretion.

2. Your GYA-WiS Mentoring Platform Account.

To protect your account, you must keep the password confidential. The activity performed on the Account in the GYA-WiS Mentoring platform or through it, is responsibility of the user. We do not recommend that the account password on the GYA-WiS Mentoring platform be reused in third-party applications. If you become aware of an unauthorized use of your password or account on the GYA-WiS Mentoring platform, you must follow these instructions.
• It is responsibility of the user to keep their data updated, and to ensure the security of their personal data in the platform, such as username and password.
• The GYA-WiS Mentoring platform is not responsible for the images posted by users in their access profile. The image of each profile is the sole and exclusive civil and criminal responsibility of the user whose email was used for its creation.

3. About Content on the GYA-WiS Mentoring platform.

• It is prohibited to publish, disseminate, propagate or disseminate, in any interactive product of the GYA-WiS mentoring platform, any copyrighted material without the proper authorization of the author or its representative. It is also prohibited to publish images of people without prior authorization.

• GYA-WIS MENTORING PLATFORM is not responsible for the content, opinions and comments of the patrons of any interactive product. Content posted by subscribers or visitors to interactive products is not reviewed or monitored by the GYA-WiS mentoring platform.

However, GYA-WiS mentoring platform may, at any time and in its discretion, leave any content outside the scope of its Internet portal or exclude, in whole or in part, any content made available by users or visitors to its services, if it can it is understood that said content is contrary to the legal regulations in force, these rules or due to complaints, without this generating any responsibility for the GYA-WiS mentoring platform or the right to the user.

• Some of our Services allow you to upload, submit, store, upload or receive content. You retain ownership of any intellectual property rights you hold over that content. In short, what belongs to you remains with you.

• All content generated by the user in addition to his / her profile may be exposed for other users and visitors to access. When the user finishes their account, their profile will be hidden, but all generated content can remain on display.

• The gya-wis mentoring platform reserves the right to terminate, at any time and at no charge, the rights of users who misuse the Services.

All Mentor's workgroup webpages must be of "public access" as an effort to disseminate scientific information.

The GYA-WIS MENTORING PLATFORM understands that misuse is configured when:
• The platform is only used as a Virtual Disk, without images and photos open for public viewing or sharing group members;
• The platform is used for illegal purposes and contrary to the legislation in force;
• The platform is used for illegal distribution of content;
• The platform is used contrary to the rules, terms and conditions of use issued by the GYA-WiS Mentorship Programme, applicable to the service;

4. Any content published on the GYA-WiS mentoring platform should not contain the following items:

• Pornographic material or illegal activities including those under the age of 18;
• Gross and offensive material and / or language;
• Practice, induce or incite prejudice regarding race, ethnicity, sex, sexual orientation, color, age, religious belief or any other form of discrimination;
• Material that is libelous, abusive or invades someone's privacy;
• Images and / or obscene or pornographic language;
• Infringing or defamatory statements;
• Information about illegal activities and incitement to crime;
• Copyrighted material, or publish photos or texts without the authorization of the author or its legal representative, publish photos without authorization of the photographers and distribute sound files without the authorization of responsible persons or companies;
• Information regarding piracy of copyrighted material and property;
• Disclose as its own or without proper authorization names, contacts and other information from third parties;
• Electoral propaganda;
• Advertising banners;
• Pages and files encrypted or protected by passwords (except those hosted on the GYA-WiS platform mentoring Virtual Disk);
• Programs and files that contain viruses or any other malicious code;
• Files that are exclusively accessed by websites hosted outside the GYA-WiS mentoring platform;
• Defending or stimulating the practices of bulimia and / or anorexia;
• Material that violates state or federal laws on any country where the platform can be accessed.
• Material that configures virtual crime.

5. GYA-WiS mentoring platform chat

To ensure compliance with the rules below, the GYA-WiS mentoring workgroup may use IP address blocking, blocking access to chat rooms, closing rooms, and canceling user registration.
In chat rooms it is forbidden to:
• Send photos or messages with explicit sex scenes or pornography involving individuals of any age;
• Maintain conversations related to child pornography, sexual exploitation of minors or pedophilia, as well as representing the attempted or consummation of any type of crime, or even apologizing to any type of crime;
• Commercial messages, spam or messages to a large number of users by automatic systems.