Introducing the GYA

By establishing a network of outstanding young scientists from the six continents, the Global Young Academy aims to become the voice of young scientists around the world. To accomplish this goal, the organization seeks to empower young researchers to lead international, interdisciplinary, and intergenerational dialogue.

The GYA has 200 members from 59 countries and all continents, which are carefully selected from leading young scientists, and 134 alumni. The organization is governed by an Executive Committee that reflects the diversity of its membership and is supported by a Senior Advisory Board composed of outstanding senior scientists and science managers.

The GYA activities focus on science and policy, education and outreach, open science, and the research environment and it is supporting the establishment of National Young Academies around the world, in order to promote an early sense of responsibility and duty in science professionals. It also works to find mechanisms to develop young scientists’ careers by bridging professional and gender gaps that are similar worldwide.

The Women in Science working group

The Women in Science Working Group  (WiS) is one of GYA`s working groups, developing activities in the research environment theme. It aims to have the voice of young women scientists widely heard to reach policy and decision makers, pursuing to bridge gender gaps in order to achieve better professional opportunities for women devoted to science.

The working group was an initiative of a large group of GYA members assembled in South Africa in 2012. Since then, it has developed several activities to achieve gender equality and to promote opportunities for young professionals to achieve their ideal of success in life, either as young scientists and young mother and fathers. It has ambitious perspectives and ideas, implemented by men and women, working in consonance and by their own means.

In a new programme called THE MENTORSHIP PROGRAMME, developed by the Women in Science” working group, its passionate members focus on having powerful means to globally influence the young women and men´s ways to achieve their success, by creating a platform where challenges are discussed face-to-face and solutions are built side-by-side, dealing with needs and fears, hopes and dreams, reality and  creating opportunities.

With these perspectives in mind, this year, WiS has started an online mentorship programme for young scientists from all over the world to provide them the opportunity to be mentored by experienced GYA members with the mission to stimulatecoordinate and direct them in several scientific themes, helping them to achieve professional and personal success and fulfillment.

Be part of the mentroship programme!

In the MENTORSHIP PROGRAMME platform, you can chat, exchange experiences, be instructed and find your own way to success, having excellent mentors as guides.

Be our guest! Contact any of us and experience an opportunity of a lifetime!

General News!

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Events News

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2nd International Women in Science Without Borders conference
The Second Women in Science without Borders Conference will be held in Johannesburg, South Africa, between 21-23 March 2018 under the title of WISWB-Indaba-“Resilience in Diversity”.